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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 02:40:53 -0500

I'm sure you all have heard of Mr. Martin Denny's recent passing.

I just thought I would retell the story that I documented on my Wax Trax CD for you all since you all were the reason he wrote to me.


(Unbeknownst to me, in 1989, Genesis P-Orridge sent a record I made with his daugher Caresse P-Orridge called, "R.U. Xperienced?" to Mr. Martin Denny.
This is what happened.)

Attached is a foto of what he sent me which reads as follows:

August 1, 1989

Turning Shrines
P.O.Box 337
Boston, MA 02180

Dear Sirs,
Just recently I received a LP addressed to me from Brighton England entitled "R.U. Xperienced?" I am curious as to who may have sent it to me. Is it for real or a put on ? I have not been able to detirmine (sic) which. It's so far out and I'm inclined to think someone was on a heavy trip when it was recorded.

A few years ago I received another LP made in England titled "Throbbing Gristle's" Greatest Hits. It was put out by Industrial Record's, London. At the bottom of the liner notes written by a Claude Bessy was a line that read "this album is dedicated to Martin Denny". Have you ever heard of this record? At the bottom of the LP jacket cover the slogan read: Entertainment through Pain" . There is a reference to a P Orridge which is also mentioned in the R.U. Xperienced LP.

Could you clear up this mystery to me. I do have a sense of humor. However both these recordings leaves me incredulous that someone would go to the expense of producing both of these records or is it intended to be a shocker?

I would appreciate a reply.

Martin Denny

Included was a photocopy of the back of the TG greatest hits sleeve.

So about a year later I was working on my solo Wax Trax project and I called Mr. Denny and I tell him I received his letter and I'm getting back to him and he replies, " It took you a year to respond to me !!!!" I excused myself and explained that I had been on tour a lot and living in England and that I'm working on a song about this now and that I was taping the conversation, (which I don't think really registered with him). So we began talking about Throbbing Gristle and we had a funny, pleasant chat which I sampled quite a bit of and used on my song. He provided such concise sound bites.

He did have a funny anecdote about when he started his career people in LA were making fun of his records and one time he heard a radio dj announce that he had a new record by Martin Denny and he played this horribly out of tune piss take on him. So he went out looking for the actual record and he found it and the cover was a close up of 2 hands on a piano keyboard. But if you looked closely, they were 2 left hands.

When my Fred CD came out I sent him a copy but I never heard back from him. Maybe he didn't have a CD player ?

telepathic regards,


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